The Common Man’s Hero’s Journey | Guest: Bill Richmond | 2/2/21

02.02.2021 - By The Glenn Beck Program

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The last generation built the century of the common man, but the little guy can’t remain common. Glenn goes through the 12 steps to becoming a hero as conservatives look for a leader. Attorney Bill Richmond joins to discuss how he and BlazeTV's Steven Crowder are suing Facebook to try to end censorship. Happy Groundhog Day! Bill Murray’s version seems nice this year. Glenn and Stu discuss the controversy regarding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and the double standard Democrats have. A snowstorm hit the east, and CNN was quick to blame climate change. The Bernie Sanders meme is apparently racist, sexist, and everything in between. Elon Musk wants to take citizens to Mars sooner than you may think. Will you be on board that ship?
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