194: The Crystal Skull

07.30.2021 - By Guide to the Unknown

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We really only knew about crystal skulls as far as their presence in the fourth Indiana Jones movie, but they have a whole real-life thing going on. They could be from aliens or relics of the lost city of Atlantis! They can give you psychic insight and save humanity! Or: they're cool-looking sculptures. Make sure to check out our sponsor, career coach Tracy Michele Bullock, online at simplicitydoyourdream.com! For full sources and links, visit http://www.gttupod.com/home/gttu194 Support GTTU and get access to monthly bonus podcasts, a private Discord, monthly livestreams, and more at patreon.com/gttupod. Thank you so much! See everything GTTU-related at gttupod.com. Watch videos of all of our episodes at youtube.com/talkbomb Follow us online: https://www.instagram.com/gttupod https://www.facebook.com/gttupod https://www.twitter.com/gttupod Join our private Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/gttupod

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