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I’m a woman in her early 40’s who just recently decided to explore her sexuality. After a 3.5 year, self imposed, dry spell I woke up one day and said “What the heck am I doing to myself?”. Why have I just shut off that side of my sexuality? I need physical contact badly. I decided to stop “waisting the pretty” and get out there! Having set out on my “sexual road trip” I’m scratching things off my sex bucket list. I’m getting laid, exploring “kinks” (a word I really didn’t know anything about before this), having fun, sifting through the emotions it stirs up in me, blogging and podcasting about it anonymously.

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Putting Out For Your Partner


I was recently really moved by a voice mail left by a long term listener and it sparked my passion for this episode. Are you withholding sex from your partner? Is it obligatory and something you barely care to do ...

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