#95: The Dating Manifesto

06.14.2021 - By Java with Juli

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Are you tired of being single? Maybe you've been rethinking that 21-point list of "non-negotiable" qualities you need in a spouse? Pull up a chair, grab your Java, and share some laughs with a friend who is walking right alongside you. In this episode, Lisa Anderson brings the stories and lessons learned from her own journey as a single Christian woman. She'll talk about the impact culture had on her approach to dating, offer her thoughts on realistic expectations when looking for a spouse, and remind us that both grief and celebration are a part of the deal. Guest: Lisa Anderson from The Boundless Podcast at www.boundless.org Check out Lisa's book, "The Dating Manifesto" Join our webinar series, "Sexual Pleasure: How To Get Your Mind and Body to Work Together" at www.authenticintimacy.com/event Find links to all the resources mentioned in this episode at https://www.authenticintimacy.com/resources/31715/95-the-dating-manifesto Follow Authentic Intimacy on: Instagram: @authenticintimacy Facebook: @authenticintimacy Twitter: @DrJuliSlattery

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