The Design Your Thinking Podcast

By Karthik Vijayakumar

What's The Design Your Thinking Podcast about?

The Design Your Thinking Podcast is for you if you feel like a spacecraft doing intercity rides. If you've always thought "I can do so much more", or "I really wish I weren't stuck doing this one job" or "I have so many interests but don't have the time", this podcast is for you. On this show, I sit down with creators (and creatives), entrepreneurs and non-conformists to understand the decisions they made that completely changed the future of their lives and businesses. On audio and video, I have heart-to-heart conversations with people who've followed their heart, their interests and believed in themselves, made decisions using their gut, took the leap, to understand WHY they did that, WHAT they learnt, and HOW they took those jumps, decisions, and managed their lives and careers. On the show I interview guests from across multiple industries and disciplines - actors, artists, makeup artists, creative entrepreneurs, authors, radio jockeys, radio presenters, cinematographers, cameramen, photographers, videographers, sportsmen and women, athletes, adventurers, travelers, politicians, creative marketers, doctors, lawyers, financial experts, engineers, advertisers and much more.

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The Story of Two Brothers W...


Raghav Aggarwal, the co-founder of Fluid AI talks about his journey from starting a tech business at 20 along with his younger brother Abhinav Aggarwal, how they pivoted the business and how they grew the business from one niche to ...

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