405: The Device That Improves Your Sleep, Emotions, Stress, Focus, Relaxation | Scott Donnell

07.06.2021 - By The Melissa Ambrosini Show

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What if you could shift your mood on demand — with zero chemicals or drugs — simply by clicking a button? It sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel, but it’s actually achievable right now with the launch of a revolutionary new device called the Hapbee. Ever since Nick experienced the power of this wearable device, we’ve been champing at the bit to bring you an in-depth interview on how this genius technology works and why it’s got us both so excited. Enter Scott Donnell, the founder of Hapbee Technologies. He’s here to explain how this revolutionary device can improve your mental state, how it can help you achieve your goals faster, and why it’s taken the biohacking world by storm… and what he shares in this conversation might just blow your mind. (Pun intended.)
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