1: The Different Styles of Decision-Making

05.28.2021 - By How To Succeed In Product Management | Jeffrey Shulman, Red Russak & Soumeya Benghanem

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Today, in the How to Succeed in Product Management Podcast; Jeff, Red, and Soumeya welcome a panel of experts on Product Management to discuss the importance of decision-making in the success of any product. The panel of experts, known and respected in their respective expertise, share valuable tips and insights on what it takes to come up with the right decision.


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What to Listen For:

00:00 Intro

01:03 Soumeya Benghanem on the different styles of decision-making

03:44 “Understand the right process and structure to use to frame up decisions.” - Adam Grupp

05:37 “The expensive and scary are the ones where it's a long-term commitment you can’t change so easily.” - Greg Young

08:05 Sumathi Kadambi on the cost of failing to make a decision and the fear of decision-making.

12:17 “Create your own metrics for your own product.” Marily Nika

14:57 What’s your bold thought on decision-making? 

16:37 Is data just confirming what you already know or do you have some wild changes based off of it?

20:02 Half of PM decisions are decisions they’re not even conscious of

21:26 Build an ecosystem of experts within the company to help make decisions

24:24 Favorite decision-making matrix regularly used

27:01 Go-to method for sourcing new ideas or iterating mature and new products

32:14 Hiring board at Mattress Firm, connect with Sumantro Das

34:23 Oftentimes, the best ideas come from unexpected places

37:15 Take what makes you successful but apply it in new places that can help make big changes

39:05 Be very clear on how everyone makes decisions

43:09 Decision-making takes time to build confidence on and to build the tool set

44:27 Some things are hard to let go but maybe they're not where our future is

46:24 Build a learning organization by understanding how decisions are made and documenting them

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