The Done Bingeing Podcast

By Martha Ayim

What's The Done Bingeing Podcast about?

If you’re done with binge eating, this podcast is for you. If you’re tired of that “ugh” feeling after a binge—of those moments of regret, distress, and shame—this podcast is for you. Done Bingeing is the podcast that teaches actionable strategies and the latest brain science to deal with urges to binge, to restore your trust in your ability to feed yourself normal amounts of food, and to return to your natural weight. Martha combines her coaching expertise, her work with trusted health care professionals, her formal education, and her 30-year battle to end binge eating to teach cognitive-based and body-positive tools to find freedom from binge eating. The Done Bingeing Podcast offers a broad and deep approach to recovering from binge eating that respects the spectrum of treatment options available and the unique needs of each person who struggles with binge eating. From the urges to binge to just plain life, Martha will help you navigate common triggers to bingeing and help you heal from a place of power instead of from a place of powerlessness. You’ll be surprised how much easier this journey can be when you know how you manage your mind!
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EP #71 Pain and Desire Feed...


In this episode, we briefly review the food feedback loop and take a closer look at pain and desire feedback loops. If we fear a painful experience enough to escape it with food, our brains note that and determine that ...

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