The Duellists with Alexander Mikaberidze

03.05.2021 - By Based on a True Story

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We're going back to 1977 and Ridley Scott's feature film directorial debut, The Duellists. The movie tells the tale of two soldiers in Napoleon's army who duel with each other for over a decade. Historian and professor at Louisiana State University, Alexander Mikaberidze, returns to help us separate fact from fiction in the movie. Want to learn more about the Napoleonic era? Get one (or more) of Alexander's great books: The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History The Battle of the Berezina: Napoleon's Great Escape The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov Russian Eyewitnesses of the Campaign of 1807 The Russian Officer Corps of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: 1792-1815 Find more of Alexander's books at   Did you enjoy this episode? You can find the transcript and show notes for this episode at: Support our sponsors: Or get ad-free content and exclusive bonus content by supporting the show directly: Get a peek at upcoming episodes with the email newsletter. Want a chance to be heard on the show? Leave a voicemail at +1 (405) 334-4672.

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