The Emma Guns Show

By Emma Gunavardhana

What's The Emma Guns Show about?

On The Emma Guns Show, journalist and broadcaster Emma Gunavardhana gets deep and meaningful with experts from the health, wellness and beauty fields. In each episode you'll hear in-depth conversations with everyone from Pixiwoo's Sam and Nic, Michelle Visage, Gretchen Rubin, Iskra Lawrence and Elizabeth Hurley. It's a relaxed hour of chat that's not afraid to tackle complex topics such as mental health, depression and anxiety or unpick the failures, challenges and set-backs that ultimately steered guests towards success. Each show is designed to leave you feeling entertained, informed and inspired.

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Habit | Finding fitness mot...


In this mini-show we discuss something listeners have been messaging about a lot - how to find your fitness motivation. Links from the show. Alice Liveing Laura Hoggins Alice Liveing's Warm Up & Morning Mobility. Laura Hoggins on The Emma ...

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