The Endurance of the American Spirit

04.25.2019 - By Jason Redman's Moving the Needle

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JR Overcome Show - Episode 17 - The Endurance of the American Spirit - Ray' Cash" Care and Jason "Overcome" Redman interview AMAZING wife of THE LEGEND Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle. Taya gives an INCREDIBLE Interview about life with Chris, raising kids and how she continued to OVERCOME after that devastating day.  She talks about the word of the day ENDURANCE and how she has focused on setting the example for other Americans and her kids and how to be a strong woman, mother, Patriot and American. Taya tells some FIRST TIME stories about her thoughts on Chris's killer, people who exploit Chris's name, and a hysterical story about Chris and a bachelorette party. Taya also talks about her incredible newly released best selling book, American Spirit and her passion for helping military, first responders, and law enforcement families build stronger marriages through her non-profit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. This was an AMAZING Episode and you will not want to miss It! Taya closes by giving amazing insight into how you can have more resilience and endure with the word of the day, Endurance. . As Always we close with 2 Minutes of motivation - shotgunning our views on the Overcome Mindset & the word of the day and TAYA brings the house down with her MINUTE OF MOTIVATION! - Time to get your Conquer & Overcome on! Email us at [email protected] for comments, questions or just to sing our Awesome praises! To learn more about Taya Kyle go to or 
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