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In this episode of Limitless Laowai, we're continuing our series on "Creating amazing relationships: understanding the transformative power of the Enneagram. In this episode, we'll explore "Type 5" The Observer." Five's use "detachment" and privacy as primary ways to avoid intimacy and stay in their heads. As much as they live in their heads they understand the need for corrective and can often crave intense, personal, experiences that are exclusive or secret. Hence, if you're in a relationship with a Five you may not know that they have a wonderful and special relationship with a relative that you've never heard of even though you've been friends for 20 years. Does that describe someone you know? Tune in to learn more! Special thanks to this episode's sponsors, Concordia International School Shanghai; discover more at // What'd you think of this show? Send comments, questions, and feedback to the host at [email protected].

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