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In this episode of Limitless Laowai, we're finishing our series on "Creating amazing relationships: understanding the transformative power of the Enneagram. In this episode, we'll explore "Type 9" The Peacemaker." Nines, unlike Eights, avoid conflict at all costs and can act from habit as a way to create comfort and familiarity. It's also a way to avoid their own needs, desires and wants. Nines will also say back what you want to hear but that doesn't necessarily mean that they agree with you. The flip side of relating to a Nine is that they want to merge lives with you but then they will blame you when things go wrong. Does that describe someone you know? Tune in to learn more! Special thanks to this episode's sponsors, Concordia International School Shanghai; discover more at // What'd you think of this show? Send comments, questions, and feedback to the host at [email protected]

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