The Escape - John L’Heureux - Literary Roadhouse Ep 165

08.08.2019 - By Literary Roadhouse: One Short Story, Once a Week

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Discussion Notes: The Escape
This week’s story: The Escape by John L’Heureux
Next week’s story: The Red Tower by Thomas Ligotti
Rated: Clean
Andy, Gerald, and Anais discuss “The Escape” by John L’Heureux. “The Escape” is the brilliantly told story of Eddie Prior, a pragmatic family man who faces Parkinson’s in late life and grapples with the disease alongside a newfound appreciation for painting which, as the disease progresses, becomes increasingly not pragmatic. All three hosts absolutely loved the story’s sheer genius, though Anais for some reason struggled to leave her analytical brain to embrace the reader brain. Andy in particular enjoyed the story because the author is a former Jesuit priest, which Andy argues on the show is the coolest kind of priest.
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