The Flaws in Common Nutrition Advice For Endurance Athletes: Wade Lightheart

06.22.2022 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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Our bodies are amazing and they are surprisingly individual. One person could eat loaves of Wonder Bread with negligible effects to blood sugar while another person’s levels would skyrocket. Science doesn’t quite understand why there are such dramatic differences, but we know that they are there. So what does this mean for the average athlete? How does our fueling and overall nutrition need to change to work with our own unique metabolism? These are the questions that Wade Lightheart is on a mission to answer. You’ll learn: Why standard nutrition advice for runners is flawed How to figure out what your unique body needs and How testing and data collection can help If you are looking to optimize your nutrition scientifically, this is the episode for you. Connect, Comment, Community Follow RunnersConnect on Instagram Join the Elite Treatment where you get first dibs on everything RTTT each month! Runners Connect Winner's Circle Facebook Community  RunnersConnect Facebook page GET EXPERT COACHING AT RUNNERSCONNECT! This week’s show brought to you by: MassZymes from BiOptimizers  Digestive enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that your body makes to help break down food and aid digestion.   Since we know stomach issues are such a prevalent issue for runners, we asked our friends at BiOptimizers to hook you up so you could try digestive enzymes with no risk to see if they can work for you.   Right now you can get a bottle of MassZymes for FREE. All you need to do is pay a small shipping fee and there’s no catch.   There’s no tricks, no forced continuity, nothing to cancel.  MassZymes is a 17-enzyme full-spectrum formula that contains all of the key enzymes needed for optimal digestion.  It also contains AstraZyme which is an all-natural, plant-derived compound that boosts amino acid absorption by 30-60 percent.  Go to . You will automatically get access to your unique coupon code to claim your free bottle. Limit one per household.   Offer is valid while supplies last. If you struggle with stomach issues, this could be a game changer. Perform from the Amino Company Perform is an amino acid based formulation that I simply add to my water bottle during my run. It tastes great and is easy on my stomach. Clinical studies have shown that Perform helps improve endurance, reduce fatigue, and increases muscle protein synthesis so you recover faster after the run. Check out the research here: If you’re interested in learning  more and giving Perform a try, we’ve got a special offer for you where you can save 30% by using the code RC30. Just head to: and use the code RC30 at checkout to save 30%

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