Ep 94: The Formula For Prayer, Understanding God’s Character and Counting Your Blessings with Chad Veach

10.03.2022 - By We're Going There with Bianca Olthoff

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a correct way to pray? Do you sometimes wish there was a cheat sheet for prayer? Are you waiting for God to answer a specific prayer? Chad Veach is the faith-filled, fun-loving pastor of ZOE Church LA who can speak to all thing’s prayer. In this conversation, we talk about:
• Understanding what prayer is and why we should pray
• The ways God answers prayer
• How prayer changes us individually
• Embracing the blessings in our lives
Chad is a church leader, author and friend who has a refreshing perspective on prayer that’s been cultivated through personal experience. During this episode, Chad lays out the formula for how to pray and reminds us why we should. He also speaks about the ways in which God responds to our prayers. Something I loved about this conversation was how practical it was - Chad shares ways in which we can be intentional with prayer in our daily lives.
My heart and my hope is that as you listen, you’ll remember that prayer is simply communication with God. Whether it’s through talking, journaling or walking, prayer changes us and makes us better. You can tag us @biancaolthoff and @chadveach, we'd love to see what prayer looks like in your life.
Love you,
Chad Veach Book - Worried about Everything Because I Pray about Nothing: How to Live with Peace and Purpose Instead of Stress and Burnout
Music by: Brad Tsushima, Instagram: @bradtsushima, email: [email protected], Spotify: “R.A.D.”

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