#073 - The Game of Saturn with Peter Mark Adams | Glitch Bottle

06.24.2020 - By Glitch Bottle Podcast

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Peter Mark Adams - author, poet, professional energy worker and esotericist specialising in the ethnography and visuality of ritual - shares about his incredible tome from Scarlet Imprint, “The Game of Saturn”, which examines the enigmatic Renaissance esoteric masterwork, the Sola-Busca tarocchi. Peter’s tome reveals the existence of a pagan liturgical and ritual tradition active amongst members of the Renaissance elite and encoded within the deck, demonstrating that the presiding deity of this ‘cult object’ is none other than the Afro-Levantine serpent-dragon, Ba’al Hammon, also known as Kronos and Saturn. Peter takes us deep into the Sola-Busca, answers your Glitch Bottle Patreon listener questions and much more!►”The Game of Saturn” on Scarlet Imprint: https://scarletimprint.com/publications/the-game-of-saturn ►Peter’s website: https://petermarkadams.com/ ►Peter’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/petermarkadams

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