The Gathering Storm: Chapter 10

10.25.2019 - By Voice of All - The Magic Story Audio Drama

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The Guild Summit is here. Can the ten guilds come together to save their world?
Original Story:

Voice Credits:
Ral Zarek: Mycroftian
Translator: Noxshade
Minotaur: Penny
Isperia: Miranda Selene
Lazav: Spice 8 Rack
Aurelia: Emily "Haz" Dahms
Simic: Sidney Hinds III
Vraska: Maxi Bridgwood
Kaya: Nilahni
Emmara: Christina Eddleman
Elf: Ozzie Sneddon
Hekara: Melissa Sheldon
Niv-Mizzet: Joe Loof
Dovin Baan: Rhythm Bastard

Sound Credits:
Sound Editing by Noxshade
"On the Shore" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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