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In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of super-nerds engage in Actual Play podcasts of Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Paths. Interweaving immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor, the Glass Cannon Podcast delivers like no other the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds. In May of 2022, the original Pathfinder 1E Giantslayer adventure came to an end and the previously unreleased podcast episodes of the Strange Aeons live tour were added. In September of 2023, Campaign Two begins as GM and Glass Cannon Network CEO Troy Lavallee leads a crew of network founders Joe O'Brien, Skid Maher and Matthew Capodicasa along with fan-favorites Sydney Amanuel and Kate Stamas through the Pathfinder 2E Gatewalkers Adventure Path.

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Gatewalkers Episode 12 – So...


The heroes encounter more strange denizens of the gnome stronghold. Watch the video here: This episode was sponsored by Demiplane, Foundry VTT and Norse Foundry. Check out Demiplane's Pathfinder Nexus and character creation tools at See why tabletop ...

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