The Impact Sessions 25 - Growing a New Business in a Global Pandemic

11.03.2020 - By The Impact Sessions Podcast

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Ella Mesma is the Business Owner of Business Yoga.
Having had an idea for a business that combines her passion for Yoga, Wellbeing and Wellness with meeting the challenge of businesses maintaining productivity, healthy teams and engagement whilst navigating these challenging times - Business Yoga was born.
Whilst the business was launched pre-COVID19, Ella's significant research had already identified the connection between a sedentary work environment and a variety of illnesses and ailments, some of which were leading to absenteeism, stress and lower productivity.
Her unique approach to short burst activity, much of which is non-intrusive, desk-based and high impact, but not requiring any previous skills, experience (or a need to change or shower), is changing the workplace for many.
If COVID19 means you work from home, have teams that work from home or you run events that get people together and you need a little stimulus or something different to get you all going, then Ella explains some really easy options and steps you can take to make a real difference.
During the current crisis, Ella has upskilled herself in many areas of business, from social media to web content and website development, all with the aim of adding genuine value to her clients and future clients. 
It is easy to be something of a "victim" in a global pandemic, but hopefully Ella's story will inspire you to keep doing the things that make a difference, and if nothing else, to look after yourself too.....
Ella Mesma Business Owner
Business Yoga
Tel +44 (0) 7886 273719
Email - [email protected]
Web - www.,

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