The Impact Sessions 9 - So What Exactly Does Equality & Diversity & Inclusion Mean in Business?

01.21.2020 - By The Impact Sessions Podcast

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion are words banded around and in some cases, ambitions embedded in some business environments, but what actually is equality, diversity and inclusion and how does it really affect a business? Are there any genuine advantages to having an active policy in these areas, and should you be considering upscaling to FREDIE instead? On this podcast episode, Solat Chaudhry, Group CEO at the UK & Irish Centre for Diversity shares some fascinating insights, facts and ambitions for this whole agenda. This includes the commercial, operational and financial advantages of your business really embracing a genuine equality, diversity and inclusion programme and how to get qualifications in these areas. This and more is covered in this insightful episode which will open many eyes and minds. Enjoy. Contact Details Mr Solat Chaudhry CEO UK & Irish Centre for Diversity Tel - +44 (0)800 288 4717 Mob - +44 (0)7976 956926 Email - [email protected] Web - LinkedIn -

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