07.02.2020 - By The Genetic Genius

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How's your brain functioning? Are you looking for better focus or memory? Are you or your child suffering from ADD/ADHD? Join Brain Integration specialist Laura Cardwell as she discuss the inner workings of the brain an how to achieve optimal function.

Some of the empowering topics discussed on today's episode:
1. What's quantum physics in relation to brain function?
2. How can you create new pathways of thought and brake old thought patterns?
3. What is group healing and is it the healing of the future?
4. How do complementary modalities and the typical medical model work synergistically together?
5. What's biofeedback and how does it improve brain function and wellness?
6. How do your belief systems and perceptions impact brain function?
7. What are alternative healing methods for helping children and adults suffering form ADD/ADHD?
8. What is applied kinesiology and how does it help deal with stress and anxiety when communicating with the brain?
9. How are the brain and the gut connected?
10. How is the collective consciousness shifting in response to COVID 19?

This episode was truly enlightening and thought provoking. We are really on a new wave and brink of healing and activating our brain. Laura gives great advices on accessing the brain in new ways as well as ways to change our old though patterns preventing us from living our best life.

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