The Key to Personal Growth & Self-Development

08.24.2021 - By Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

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Listen to episode 604 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: The Key to Personal Growth and Self-Development. Edited and adapted from Invincible Power by John Henry Remmers. Get our podcast with full transcripts and without ads by visiting: Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: To succeed in life and find happiness, it is of vital importance to comprehend and realize the element of Resistance. This element is always present, a part of the Divine plan, and no living thing can escape it. Its purpose is evolution. And in opposition to this element of Resistance stands Assertiveness. By the action of the two we have a result: either Failure or Success, according to the degree and nature of our Assertiveness. An individual who governs themselves by the laws of progress, Assertively meets Resistance with Wisdom and Strength, and by this very contact promotes the growth of their Personality — the unfoldment of their Power, Evolution, and Success. -------- Get the best of our podcast in book form by visiting:

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