The Last 10 Pounds Podcast

By Master Coach Brenda Lomeli

What's The Last 10 Pounds Podcast about?

By Master Coach Brenda Lomeli | Holistic Nutrition Specialist | Creator of The Last 10™ Method

On this podcast, I teach brilliant, driven, inspiring, high-achieving women how to STOP STRUGGLING with food and with their weight - so they can ENJOY results that they love.

On The Last 10 Podcast I give you the tools and strategies you need every. single. week. [New Episodes on Mondays!] to lose the weight you want to lose.

I have the tools and expertise to teach you how to lose the weight you want to lose (and be DONE with the exhausting weight struggle!) using my proven method and mindset strategies.

I am ON A MISSION to equip women from all walks of life be COMPLETELY DONE struggling with their weight & FEEL EMPOWERED in ALL areas of their lives- INCLUDING THIS ONE.

LISTEN EVERY WEEK for tools that will allow you to Understand Your Mind & Emotions as it relates to your weight goals and your relationship to food. We both know you're not lazy, far from it! You're a highly motivated woman who's never lacked ambition in any other area. You already know that simply printing out a new 'diet' won't be the solution because you've basically tried them all at this point ... and you end up returning to the same behaviors (caused by the same limiting mindsets) that keep you stuck.

This is why it's important to shift gears and actually understand your brain & emotions in order to experience new breakthroughs in a meaningful (SUPER-CONFIDENT!) and sustainable way.

It's simply a matter of understanding your mind.

...Let's get started!

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EP. 349- Kinda Satisfied Tr...


This episode is for you if... You start off your day SUPER committed to your weight loss goal. By the end of the day, you feel more like: "ehh, whatever" ... "It doesn't matter" ... "F it. I DON’T CARE ...

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