The Lift, an Audio Drama

By 9th Story Studios

What's The Lift, an Audio Drama about?

The hall is dark and the overhead light flickers. Sounds echo, and there’s a creaking and clanging which gets louder as you stand there in the semi-dark.The elevator opens and you’re offered a ride.The Lift is an homage to great dramas of the past like Night Gallery and The Twilight Zone. The Lift is a 2016 and 2017 PARSEC Award Finalist, featuring dramatic readings of stories written by multiple writers.

553 ratings

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S4E10: "Darling Juliana", b...


Sisters Juliana and Corinna were odds with each other all throughout their childhood, but Corinna has a dark secret. One that Victoria makes her confront for better or worse.Written by Scarlett R. AlgeeAdapted for audio by Scarlett R. Algee Cast:Victoria ...

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