The Littlefield Murders

01.24.2018 - By The Hidden Staircase

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In the early morning hours on October 16th, 1937, Paul Dwyer was taken to the police station for questioning on suspicious activity. When the police searched his car, they made a shocking discovery. What you'll hear is still the most debated case in Maine history, but what was the truth? Visit us online at ACCProductions.orgSupport the show at Librarian is Samantha TaylorThis episode was produced by Shane WatersVoices:Dr. Littlefield, Sgt Kaufhold, and the Lawyer: Shane Waters - Host of American CrimecastPatrolman Knabe: Justin Rimmel - Host of Mysterious CircumstancesPaul Dwyer: James CassChief of police: Jimmie Whisman co-host of crime in sports and Small Town MurderBarbara: Kristeangton PlotkinDoctor: Jon Grillz - Host of Small Town Horror and CreepyVirginia: Cindy Packer of the Karen and Ellen LettersPriscilla: Roseanna Sinclair - Host of Killafornia DreaminWitness 1: Lucas Strough - Host of the Nowhere Dispatch F Albert Starbird: George Platis -The Dirty Bits Podcast Myrtle Burgess: Tawny Platis - the Dirty Bits PodcastNews Anchor, Francis, The judge, and Foreman: Pete Lutz of the Narada Radio Company   

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