The Marathon Continues: Million Dollar Losses - Episode 10

04.17.2019 - By Game of Grow

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On today’s episode, we remember the late, great Nipsey Hussle and the enormous impact he had on the lives and communities he touched, as well as the story of a major setback his family experienced and how they overcame it over time. I also share the story of how the first 7-figure offer of my life came about, why I eventually turned it down, and the process I learned from doing so  Data Visualization: Nipsey Hussle's Distribution of Wealth I’ve always enjoyed speaking to young people about these kind of topics ever since I’ve been in the game. So btw, if you are at a school in the DC, Maryland, and Virgina area and you would like me to speak to your students, I would love some opportunities to donate my very expensive time for a good cause. Hit me up at [email protected] and let’s try to make it happen. OR for that matter, if you are at a school anywhere in the US or the world and you have the means to get me there, let’s discuss.   Join the Insiders Chat:  Subscribe to the Game of Grow Podcast:   27 Days 2 Launch Program Learn more: Sign up: This episode is sponsored by my first book, "The 7 Steps to App Success".  12 million downloads, 8 years of grinding, 7 months of writing & editing, and thousands of dollars of my own money later, it’s finally here…. And you can get it for wayyyy less. Head to and pick up your digital copy, in its 108 pages of glory.   Stay connected with the movement: Join the Insiders Chat:  Join the Facebook Community: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: To sign up for our weekly email updates from "The Hustler's Corner" visit us at and use the sign up form at the top of the page.

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