The Media Desperately Wants This Story to go Away (Ep 1073)

09.24.2019 - By The Dan Bongino Show

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In this episode, I address the real scandal that the Democrats, and the media are desperate to suppress in light of the “whistleblower-gate” fake news. I also discuss a troubling connection between these key players in these recent scandals. I address the latest anti-Second Amendment hysteria and an incredible speech, in support of Trump, by this foreign leader.News Picks:

Here’s what you’ll discover in my new book “Exonerated.” 

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Let’s get real. The real Ukraine scandal involves the Democrats.

More troubling details about the Biden/Ukraine corruption case.

Stunning new information surfaces about Rod Rosenstein’s role in Spygate.

Rudy Giuliani wrecks Joe Biden for his shady family deals.  

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