The Mindset Of An Athlete | Tim Abeyie

05.06.2021 - By Mindset Elevation - Self Improvement & Motivation

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In this episode I speak with Tim Abeyie who is a former Team GB and Ghana indoor sprinter. He is a medal winning athlete who competed at the Commonwealth games, World Championships indoors and out, the African championships and the European Championships.
Tim explains how he got into athletics and being called up to represent GB.
He explains how he prepares himself for the main event and his routine for getting into the right mindset.
If you are looking at self improvement and want to know how get into a growth mindset for success, check this episode out.
Since retiring from the sport he has become a fully qualified Personal Trainer and has his own coaching business - Speed for Sport.
The Speed for Sport Academy is aimed at giving young people the opportunity to maximize their potential in sport and is a way of giving something back.
If you want to know more, check it out here
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