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06.10.2021 - By Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

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Listen to episode 583 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: The Mindset to Win Life’s Battles. Edited and adapted from How to Lick Our Fears by David V. Bush. Motivation Podcast Excerpt: Not many people believe in witches and goblins anymore, but plenty of us have, through fear, worry, and shyness, conjured up numerous devils to beset our road, to rob us of our happiness, and sink us into the rut of despair. Borrowed troubles, magnified worries, these are the modern devils which camp on nearly everyone’s trail, and block many a successful highway. What is there to fear? Nothing but fear. But thousands of us are haunted day and night by that particular devil of the imagination. Devils of worries, fear, and disappointment are barriers which only the mind can overcome. Devils, like our troubles, are mostly in our minds. If we mix up a witches’ brew of fear and worry, we shall sip a bitter cup of unhappiness indeed. Loss may become such a devil, it could drive us to suicide today, as it has done to thousands in the past. And yet loss may be a blessing in disguise, or an incentive to drive us to greater accomplishments. Whatever effect it has on us depends upon the state of our mind. Loss may be as vinegar to the taste and wormwood to the soul. Or loss may help us to make friends and lay the foundation for success or riches.

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