The Mom Room

By Renee Reina & Podcast Nation

What's The Mom Room about?

Warning: This is NOT a typical parenting podcast! Renee Reina is the mom friend you’ve always wanted and The Mom Room is the podcast you've always needed! Renee is not afraid to challenge parenting practices, ask the hard (and sometimes awkward) questions, tackle taboo topics and say what we're all thinking. From setting boundaries and refusing visitors after giving birth to breaking down why being the default parent is so hard, Renee is exploring and exposing the good, the bad, and the sh*tty parts of parenting. Holding a PhD in psychology in one hand and a diaper bag brimming with snacks in the other, Renee is not trying to “balance” it all and is on a mission to validate, educate, and entertain moms everywhere. So grab the cold cup of coffee you’ve reheated three times, push aside the mom guilt and enter The Mom Room, the #1 podcast for moms! 
New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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