Episode 31: The Name of the Game

10.25.2019 - By Code Grey(s)

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Take a deep dive into Season 2, Episode 22 of Grey's Anatomy: "The Name of the Game." Join us as we complete our Rounds (2:10) and explore our feelings for McVet (6:15); a truly terrible Game Night and the implications for the Burke/Yang relationship (13:15); LAURIE METCALF in her first run as the mom from Ladybird and our divergent views on her character's terrible daughter (30:00); even when he's largely right, Karev can't help but Karev (39:50); aNOTHER Grey and a very interesting medical case (45:20); Izzie Steven is a racist -- tell your friends -- and the trouble with Callie's characterization so far (1:03:45); and our Morbidity and Mortality for Episode 22 (1:09:15) which includes a real throwback for Song(s) of the Week. Join us next week for S2E23!

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