The net tightens for Boris Johnson

02.05.2022 - By Payne's Politics

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We ask whether the prime minister can survive the latest scandal engulfing his government. Is the departure of his closest and longstanding aide Munira Mirza the beginning of the end? Or the start of a reset? Chief political correspondent Jim Pickard will discuss with chief political commentator Robert Shrimsley. Plus, we look into the long-awaited levelling up white paper and ask if it delivers on the high promises to rebalance the UK - and will those pro-Brexit first-time Tory voters feel it is delivering for them. Special guests Rachel Wolf, who penned the 2019 Tory manifesto will discuss with the Manchester Evening News’s Jennifer Williams. Produced by Anna Dedhar and Howie Shannon. The sound engineers were Breen Turner and Jan Sigsworth.
Audio: Sky News / Channel 5
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