The Owen Jones Podcast

By Owen Jones

What's The Owen Jones Podcast about?

Owen Jones, journalist, author of Chavs and The Establishment, or "that left-wing idiot off the telly", is fed up with the establishment media. After all, it punches down, not up, blames minorities for all the problems in society, and, let's face it, often just parrots the government line. So this podcast is offering something different: speaking truth to power, giving the marginalised a voice, offering hope - and having a laugh along the way. From Michael Sheen to Judith Butler, Prof. Devi Sridhar to Noam Chomsky, Peter Hitchens to Chelsea Manning and Gary Younge to Stewart Lee, the interviewees couldn't be more eclectic. Expect documentaries, too, exposing injustice and going to enemy territory - and discussions with experts on everything from COVID dreams about the pandemic to the history of US-backed coups. We'll learn a lot - but above all else, have our optimism in a better world rebooted. Support this show

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65. Rishi Sunak and the Gre...


It's the story everyone should be talking about. David Cameron lobbied Chancellor Rishi Sunak about funds for Greensill Capital as it teetered on the edge of collapse. What was the nature of the lobbying, how serious is the scandal - ...

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