The Path to Self-Advocacy for New Nurses with Deanna Mackey RN

07.20.2021 - By Nursing Uncensored

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In this episode, Adrianne chats with the nurse and author Deanna Mackey about her experiences in the early days of her career through her current situation working from home in a job that she loves. Deanna discusses nursing in a variety of settings and a variety of ways she was subject to the old cliche of nurses eating their young. It can be stressful enough to be a new nurse in the profession without the added stressors of unkind co-workers. Deanna explains how she tried to handle herself with integrity and composure even when she felt like her emotions were trying to take over. This conversation will provide new grads with some perspective on how they are deserving of respect even as learning members of the profession. Deanna also shares her victories in landing a job perfect for her lifestyle, allowing her to thrive as a mom to a young child, while still keeping the discipline and boundaries of her work life inside of her home. Within this setting, she was able to finish writing her book, Nursing at Its Finest, which you can purchase and enjoy at the retailers listed below. Barnes and NobleTargetBooks a MillionCheck out Deanna’s website or link up with her social media:queenofhealthdeanna.comInstagram: queenofhealthdeannaFacebook: queenofhealthdeannaTwitter: @queenofhealthdmThanks to Deanna for being a great guest!*****Did you get something from this content? Information? A laugh? Please Like and Subscribe to show YouTube Nursing Uncensored is worth watching! You could even buy me a coffee to say thanks! Want more nursing-related content?

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