The power of choice with actor Adrian Grenier

05.30.2021 - By Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition

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In Episode #129 I sit down with Hollywood actor, musician and environmentalist Adrian Grenier to chat about his learnings from his life and the changes he has made in more recent years to add greater meaning and purpose.

We chat about:

•Adrian's upbringing
•The road to Hollywood and specifically getting the role of Vinny Chase in Entourage
•The indulgences that comes with being a Hollywood star
•The parallels between Vinny Chase and Adrian Grenier
•The fantasy that was Vinny Chase's life
•Feeling numb
•The moment when he was forced to critically review his life
•Practices and books that Adrian has leaned into that have helped him become more self aware, more sure of his path and more in harmony with the world around him
•The power of choices versus being forced to do something
•Environmental activism
•The not for profit organisation The Lonely Whale
•Making the world a better place through purpose driven business
•and much more


•Adrian Grenier on Instagram
•The Lonely Whale
•Du Contra Venture
•EAT-Lancet Planetary Health Diet
•Books recommended by Adrian: Iron John, The way of the superior man, 12 rules for life and Man search for meaning
•Simon on Instagram
•Simon's new book The Proof is in the Plants
•Simon's two week meal plan

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