#259 The Realities of Travel Mid-Pandemic

07.14.2021 - By The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

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Irina Vishnevskaya, from Alle Travel, joins us again to talk about traveling (especially with honeymoons) mid-pandemic. She shares tips on traveling abroad, how to find out restrictions in other locations, and more. While traveling is different right now, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It’s all about adjusting expectations, and having grace for those on the ground.

Big Takeaways

While the pandemic has shifted and things are starting to open back up, there are still travel restrictions in most countries. Before planning the big getaway, think about whether or not it is worth it. There are places that have been consistently easier to access if you are vaccinated, like Iceland, Hawaii, etc.

The CDC and State Department websites have a detailed breakdown of every country and their current status with Covid as well as travel restrictions. Keep in mind that the state department is approaching it from a safety standpoint. As an example, while New Zealand is safe in terms of Covid cases, they are not allowing tourism, so you will have to do more research.

Remember, even with traveling with less restrictions, every body is still reeling from shut downs. Some stores might be closed, or hotels under staffed, or restaurant hours cut. Just be mindful.

As far as vaccine passports go, it is unlikely that there will ever be a globally accepted passport, but be mindful of how to show you have been vaccinated. Keep your card with you at all times, take a picture, laminate, etc.

As of now, if travelling abroad, in order to return to the U.S., you will have to give proof of a negative Covid test.

Hawaii is a very popular destination right now, but it comes with its own issues. Lack of rental cars, limited hotels, etc. Book your car before your flight!

Europe, Costa Rica, and Mexico are other great options.

Flight times are changing pretty consistently. You are buying a flight for the day, but the time is likely to change. Do not try to plan a tight schedule. Things will change and shift. TSA is also delayed and airports are packed. Give yourself plenty of time for travel.

Dream big, but accept the mental load of what that means! Check money back options, in case you have to cancel or change dates. Get comfortable with the small print. Traveler’s insurance does not cover COVID restrictions. If a flight is cancelled, they have to give you a credit.

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“Napa Valley is incredible. The Pacific Northwest. There’s just so many good options in this country too. So if the unknown feels like, “ugh!” Don’t do that to yourself. There is no need to torture. Your honeymoon should not be a source of stress.” - Irina

“Keep in mind you can research and talk to people, but ultimately there’s always going to be a bit of a wild card. And just accepting that.” - Irina

“Just please have grace. Know that nobody is wishing you ill. They’re just doing their best.” - Irina

“Europe is such a rich destination and every country as so much to offer, even though it’s so tiny. I know as Americans we’re always like, ‘It’s the size of Rhode Island! I can do like 10 countries in 10 days. That’s so cool.’ What we have always wished is for clients to focus more in Europe because there is so much more. Please trust me you can spend two weeks, three weeks in any European country and never get bored.” - Irina

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