The Rez

By Gen-Z Media | Wondery

What's The Rez about?

Set in a very strange future where everything seems perfect but is actually completely wonky! Preen, a show-offy influencer, and sensible Sav try to outsmart the wicked A.I. JEF who runs their world. Together they find an ancient phone that can communicate with kids in the past (Pastlings - that’s you!) who teach them about weird ancient ideas like kindness, friendship and how nature isn't really that terrifying. JEF hates all these things and sends robots, drones and other future gizgads to try and stop them!   The Rez is a multi-award winning series with top quality jokes, a brilliant UK cast, funky sound, and some secret messages about life, kindness and looking after each other. The Rez is a production of Rezilience Ltd. (supported by Arts Council England), in partnership with Gen-Z Media.

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The Rez episodes: