Episode 1302: The Richie Allen Show Wednesday June 30th 2021

06.30.2021 - By The Richie Allen Show

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Richie is joined by Tony Gosling and Marc Morano.Former BBC journalist and presenter of Bristol's The Politics Show, Tony Gosling joins Richie to round up the day's top stories. Why did Merck give away the Ivermectin patent? Are the vaccines killing more people than they are helping? Tony discusses these issues and also reflects on the murder of BBC journalist Jill Dando, who Tony thinks may have been killed because she was trying to expose a paedophile ring operating at the BBC. www.thisweek.org.ukMarc Morano is an author and the founder of climatedepot.com. Marc tells Richie that climate change evangelicals are jealous of covid-19 lockdowns and are now planning to convince governments to use them to reduce our carbon footprint. Marc explains why this could be devastating for the future of humanity. Marc also chats about the loss of liberty over the last 15 months, his concerns around the vaccine roll-out and much more. www.climatedepot.com 

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