Episode 1329: The Richie Allen Show Wednesday September 8th 2021

09.08.2021 - By The Richie Allen Show

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Richie is joined by Julia Hough and Richard Willett. Julia is a social care worker. She came on to tell Richie that tens of thousands of care workers are leaving the profession as they refuse to be forced to have a covid jab. Julia explains that this will cripple the care sector which will lead to the blocking of hospital beds this Winter. The result of this she believes, will be brutal lockdowns in the coming months.Richard Willett is an exceptionally talented journalist and filmmaker. He produces and presents "Glitch In The Code" which you can view on Ickonic.com. Richard explains why the agenda unfolding now, is thousands of years in the making. However, he tells Richie why he thinks the glass is still half full and that humanity will ultimately prevail.www.ickonic.com 

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