The Sad Man

07.12.2020 - By The Dark Paranormal

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Im Kevin Eustace, from Liverpool, England. This is my new bi-weekly podcast where we take a look at some of the darkest, 100% true paranormal stories I've came across in my years of searching for proof, proof that, to borrow the phrase, we are not alone. In this first episode, we hear about possibly one of the most dangerous entities thats believed to exist, the Tulpa.  The key word there is "Believed" because thats exactly how a Tulpa comes in to being, belief. What could be scarier than trying NOT to think about something, when that something is affecting your family to breaking point? When a little girl introduces her family to her new "imaginary" friend, "it" slowly takes over their lives. If you have a story you'd like me to read out, please send it over to: [email protected]  If you'd sooner record the story and email it over, please ensure its in MP3 format. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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