The Salesman Podcast

By Will Barron

What's The Salesman Podcast about?

We interview the world’s leading influence, body language, psychology and sales experts to give you the information YOU need to close more deals and make more money. If you enjoy Tim Ferriss, the Art Of Charm, Pay Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Entrepreneur On Fire, James Altucher, Tony Robins, Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Bill Caskey (The Advanced Selling Podcast) then you’re going to have massive love for the Salesman Podcast.

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#636: Selling To The C-Suit...


Josh is Co-Founder and CEO of Sales DNA, and former Head of Business Development for Basecamp. He is an expert in helping sales leaders, CEO’s and founders create systems to generate a steady flow of meetings each month with qualified ...

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