The Senate As Impeachment Court

01.02.2020 - By Versus Trump

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On this week’s Versus Trump, Jason and Charlie dive deep into two impeachment-related questions. First, what is the formal role of the Senate in an impeachment trial, and what power does the Chief Justice have? (Hint: Senators have all the power; the Chief Justice has basically none.) Second, what did the House say in its impeachment report about why it chose not to go to court or otherwise force recalcitrant Administration officials to testify—and does it make sense?  You can find us at @VersusTrumpPod on twitter, or send us an email at You can buy t-shirts and other goods with our super-cool logo here.  NotesA terrific analysis of the Chief Justice's role in an impeachment trial is here, by Jane Chong at The Atlantic.The House's impeachment report is here.We also relied on Chapter 4 of To End a Presidency, by Matz and Tribe.

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