The Shaft CCXXXII – Minecraft News, Updates, and Discussions [Episode 232]

07.28.2020 - By The Shaft - A Minecraft Podcast

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Show Notes:
Did you miss us? The Shaft is back! and they’re having a good time talking about Minecraft and the latest news.
Minecraft topics on this episode:

* Minecraft Snapshot 20W28a (07/08/20) –
* Mojang announces the end of support for older VR device integrations. Gear VR, Windows 10, older android devices to name a few:
* Ray Tracing to be in XBOX 10 version of Minecraft as well as other features:
* Rave Family Block Fest – Postponed.  Again. –
* The Return of the Crying Obsidian
* Players have discovered the seed for Minecraft’s title screen
* (Video:
* Minecraft moves from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft’s Azure


* Explore a 5,000 Year Old Welsh tomb recreated in Minecraft –
* Play Minecraft in Half-Life –

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