The 10th Episode: Cherry Blossom Tree Review, The Dangers of Bicycles, and MORE!

04.22.2019 - By Off Topic with Kyra and Jess

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We're back after a hot minute (or a fiery 60 seconds, as Kyra prefers to say) with Episode 10! The episode kicks off with a retelling of Jess's adventures from that one time she went on a spring break trip. Then in honor of our 10th episode we make random lists of our Top 10s. Jess teaches Kyra about EDM artists (who knew Illeniun wasn't a prescription drug???) and we unpack why Shake Shack just doesn't live up to all the hype. Speaking of burgers, Kyra then discovers the chain is called Whataburger and NOT Waterburger. We then give a painfully honest review of Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Trees and totally make a historically incorrect statement about their history (Japan gifted the Cherry Blossom Trees to the U.S. in 1912 NOT after WWII). We end with a harrowing tale of bicycling through DC. Enjoy!

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