#149: The Episode That Made Me A Plant Lady

10.07.2019 - By Young House Love Has A Podcast

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We’re sharing how our bathroom reno went from zero to fifty percent (that’ll make more sense when you hear what we did) and how we gained a ton of insight about the right layout and the right size for the vanity, shower, tub, etc. Also… the houseplant struggle is real, so we asked plant expert Carmeon Hamilton everything we've ever wanted to know about how to keep inside greenery alive (and happy!). She shared her favorite easy plants for beginners and even laid out when to water, re-pot, and fertilize your indoor greenery (we were like: wait, we should be fertilizing?!?). Plus, we’re shouting out a super handy multipurpose tool that we loved so much we bought two of them. And there was a surprise twist in our color of the year predictions that even we didn’t believe at first. Be sure to check out younghouselove.com/podcast-149/ for notes, links, and photos from this episode.

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