The Thriving Farmer Podcast

By Michael Kilpatrick

What's The Thriving Farmer Podcast about?

If you’re looking to build a profitable farm that works, The Thriving Farmer Podcast is for you. Learn the latest tricks and strategies from successful farmers, strategize with in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry, and connect with stories of farmers just like you. With over 15 years of farming background, your host Michael Kilpatrick has the experience and authority to bring you practical advice, ask the hard questions, tease out the gold nuggets, and help share what it’s really like to build a truly profitable, sustainable farm. In the interviews, we focus on building farms that last, setting up your systems, knowing your customers, building your team, and treading that ever-challenging work/family/life balance.

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123. Kate and Grant on Past...


Why is proper composting so important to a farm’s success, and how can you make sure you have the right compost for the best outcomes? Today we’re happy to host Grant and Kate Estrade of Laughing Buddha Nursery in Metairie, ...

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