The Turning: The Sisters Who Left

By iHeartRadio and Rococo Punch

What's The Turning: The Sisters Who Left about?

Thousands of women gave up everything to follow Mother Teresa, joining her storied Catholic order, the Missionaries of Charity. But some found that life inside this fiercely private religious order was not what they’d imagined. Former sisters who worked closely with Mother Teresa describe her bold vision and devotion to charity and prayer. But they also share stories of suffering and forbidden love, abuse and betrayal. If you make a lifelong vow, what does it mean to break it? What is the line between devotion and brainwashing? Can you truly give yourself to God?

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10. Out There


PART TEN - “I couldn’t come to any clarity unless I took off the habit and was seen.” For additional content and information, follow the show on Instagram @RococoPunch This series was inspired by Mary Johnson’s memoir, “An Unquenchable Thirst.” ...

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