The UFOs of OZ

By Brett Moffatt

What's The UFOs of OZ about?

The UFOs of Oz podcast provides listeners expert commentary and interviews on the UFO/UAP phenomenon overseas and in Australia. Host Brett Moffatt and his guests will expand your knowledge and awareness of the latest research and developments as they happen. Unidentified aerial phenomena have swept the globe capturing the imaginations and attention of world powers, the military, scientists, and popular culture. Join us as we dissect the facts from the fiction in this compelling offering into the world of UFOs/UAPs, in Australia and across the globe.

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The UFOs of OZ speaks to Bi...


Bill Chalker's website: Keynotes: Bill Chalker’s “UFO SubRosa” document: Re 1969, Condon & Bluebook: Angel hair: Repeatable phenomena - UFO flaps: The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF): Bill Chalker is one of Australia's ...

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