04.01.2021 - By The Genetic Genius

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On this week's episode, #43 of the Genetic Genius, Joe Sheehey Founder CURED Nutrition discusses his journey and powerful discovery of the healing nature of CBD which lead him to found and create CURED Nutrition: Premium CBD Hemp Oil & Products. We discuss the magnificent healing power of this medicinal plant: from what is CBD to the many uses for improving cellular function and daily wellness.

Here are some of the topics we discuss on the show:
1. Can you speak about your personal mission to serve humanity and the connection you have as being a steward of the plant kingdom?
2. What are cannabis and cannabinoids and can you clear up some of the misconception and confusion between the two?
3. What are the different uses of the CBD?
4. What has inspired you to bring CBD to the health and wellness community.
5. You have some amazing products and I would love for us to break them down by their category, why you created them and their uses.
6. How do the products work in synergy?
7. What was the inspiration in using medicinal mushrooms in your products?
8. Why do you think that supplements have gotten so far off the path of being real and true to the plant itself?
9. Do you do the formulating or have a formulator on staff?
10. Can you talk about the sacred geometry sprinkled throughout the website and your label images. What’s the inspiration behind this and how does it interplay with the different lines?
11. How has your own experience but also your founding of CURED helped you discover this path?

To learn more about Joe and the CURED Nutrition products check out the website - and use coupon code GENETIC GENIUS for 20% off.
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